Crypitus Interview


As metal continues to grow bigger in the music scene, Crypitus is a band you don’t want to miss. With their new EP, Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World, the band brings death metal to its highest potential. I talked to Crypitus about their fans, their challenges, and their accomplishments.

1. A lot of people say that pop is the most popular music genre of today’s age. As a band, have you found it difficult to gain fans? Or do you disagree with that statement?
Pete: Pop is the most mainstream of the genres because it’s used more as marketing than as just music. We’ve had no difficulty gaining fans.
Zach: Regardless of what the most popular genre of music is, thrash metal is not main stream, and we definitely have to push our music to a very select crowd. We try to make our product interesting enough to appeal to the ears of all REAL music fans.
Joe: Pop music is horrible. I don’t think we have much problem getting fans.
Doug: I mean even if pop music is “in” we are working with a fan base that goes back to 1970, metal never dies.
2. Have you guys faced any challenges as a band whether it was starting out, finding your sound, or writing songs?
Pete: Finding a devoted bass player had been a challenge. Also, balancing day jobs and shows has been tricky too.
Zach: Finding a bassist has been quite challenging… Keep it up Joe!
Joe: I haven’t experienced much for challenges so far since I joined.
Doug: Being from Vermont we are quiet sheltered and quite far from things. So finding how to get our music spread has been a challenge.
3. When writing songs, do you find that there is a certain spark of ideas? What are your influences?
Pete: We influence each other a lot.
Zach: We just let the music flow when we are writing. My biggest influence is Blake Richardson from Between the Buried and Me. I try to make my drumming as interesting as possible.
Joe: I try to go with the flow.
Doug: Of course there’s a spark, a sudden oh shit thats perfect and go from there.
4. What’s the best part about playing shows? What are your fanbases like?
Pete: The reactions of the crowd is the best part. Our fanbase is pretty rowdy, moshing around and headbanging.
Zach: There’s no rush like hearing people scream for your music. The fans are amazing. This scene has incredible respect and support for everyone that’s trying to get their name out.
Joe: The best part is meeting all the new people. The fans are pretty cool like us.
Doug: I love playing my music to anyone that wants to hear it. Our fanbase is amazing what drives us to continue to create!
5. Is there a certain venue you hope to play at sometime in the future, or is there a favorite venue of yours?
Pete: My favorite so far was Jewel in Manchester, New Hampshire. I really want to play at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont.
Zach: I’d really like to play at the Royal Concert Hall in Boston, MA.
Joe: I just want to play anywhere and everywhere.
Doug: I’d love to play at Nectars in Burlington VT again. Or play the big stage at the Palladium in Worcester!
6. Besides the music in your life, what other passions do you have?
Pete: I’m passionate about the outdoors, my job detailing cars, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, South Park, Star Wars, DC comics.
Zach: Doug says I can’t necessarily share that information, but I really love fishing.
Joe: I like video games, having fires, and hanging with my family and friends.
Doug: I’m a Pharmacy Tech by day, death metal hiker guy any other time.
7. Together as a band, what are some of your accomplishments?
Pete: Playing a show with Psychostick was pretty awesome. Also, getting a demo out has been one of my proudest moments.
Zach: Our first release just hit the proverbial shelves. That’s pretty big for us.
Joe: We got a demo out now.
Doug: Definitely getting the demo out has been a big accomplishment for us.
8. When you guys were younger, did you ever picture yourselves saying you’re in a band?
Pete: Yes. Ever since I was a little kid that’s all I’ve wanted.
Zach: Oh yeah. I’ve been wanting to play music with others my entire life.
Joe: Yea I’ve loved music since I was a kid.
Doug: Hell yeah, and I guess I never gave that dream up.
9. If there is one thing you would want your audience to take away from your music, what would it be?
Pete: Chronic neck pain from headbanging.
Zach: I want our performance to leave a lasting impression on whoever sees it.
Joe: I just hope they like it.
Doug: Energy, and drive. Take what we take to you and use it!
10. Knowing what you know now, if you could go back and tell yourself something right when you knew you wanted to be a musician/artist, what would it be?
Pete: Listen to better music.
Zach: I’m going to keep that one to myself.
Doug: Hahahahaha, Wisdom Teeth Extractions are bullshit!!!!
Here’s the band’s Facebook, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud. You don’t want to miss them.

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