Redrock Festival

We’ve all heard people say that today’s music isn’t worthy enough to be listened to, but the Redrock Festival is here to change their minds. On September 24th, The Dublin Castle in Camden will be hosting an all day rock festival.

Created from London’s own rock band, Redwire, the Redrock Festival shines a spotlight on the unsigned music community. There’s no doubt that music brings people together, but Redwire’s passion unites people to revive their love for rock. Playing alongside Redwire on Sunday are 13 other bands, handpicked by the festival’s producers.

From midday to midnight (12 hours!), bands will be playing back to back. And if you’re not tired from rocking your heart out to those bands, a DJ is set to appear to play a set just after!

Here’s the lineup:

12:15 – Filthy Militia
13:00 – Broken Bones Matilda
13:45 – My Fiasco
14:30 – Sofasonic
15:15 – Cadence Noir
16:00 – SeN-SA-ShuN
16:45 – Darkstar Dance
17:30 – Wild Horse
18:15 – LaFlammeband
19:00 – Fragile Things
20:00 – Saint Apache
21:00 – The Black Bullets
22:00 – Redwire
22:45 – KilliT

Entrance to the festival is entirely free, but a donation to support the bands is always appreciated. Order some Cloven Hoof Rum, or try the famous “Red Death”, get into the pit, and go crazy!

Check out more information here and here. RSVP to the event here.

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