Mechanics of Life Review

There are many talented bands tucked away in backstreets of London. A small alternative indie rock band named Plastic Barricades is one. As Plastic Barricades release their new album, they hope to expand past London’s musical bubble-and they will.

Their promising new album, Mechanics of Life, displays the sort of uniqueness upcoming bands hope to achieve. With the first chord of the first track, “How Goldfish Grow”, you know the album is worth your time. The album already has hundreds of fans; the single, “Shine!”, racks in 167,000 listens on SoundCloud. Dan Kert’s voice exerts powerful lyrics to the band’s audience. Whether it be the strong rhythm that makes you dance in some underground venue like in “Our Favorite Delusions” (which has a killer solo in the middle), or drive down the coast to “Around the Sun”, Mechanics of Life has a song for every occasion.

The album holds multiple hits, but I highly recommend “Be the Change”. Still on the rise in the UK, it won’t be long until Plastic Barricades reach success in the states.

Listen to their album here and support them on tour in the UK now.

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